Every child deserves the right diagnosis and treatment to live a healthy life

We are developing medical software to help doctors rapidly diagnose paediatric sleep disorders and prioritise treatment for children who need it most urgently.

Up to

prevalence in children
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OSA is extremely common. In obese children, it is present in up to 60% of cases. Overall, the number of cases is rising annually.

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are undiagnosed
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If OSA is not diagnosed and treated early, the child is at risk of developing chronic heart, brain, and hormonal health conditions.

As little as

receive a gold standard diagnosis
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Diagnosis is complex, expensive, and time-consuming, meaning many children do not receive an adequate diagnosis before being listed for surgery.

We empower clinicians through software that serves as a vital support tool.

Increased Diagnostic Power

Data from hospital sleep studies is analysed by custom machine-learning algorithms, yielding unparalleled data insights for increased clinical confidence.

Improved Automation & efficiency

Supports clinicians to diagnose more patients with increased accuracy, in less time and at a reduced cost, thereby reducing departmental strain.

Provides Clinical Decision Support

Standardises decision making through objective patient triage, clinical resource allocation, and waiting list management to optimise patient care.”

Redefining paediatric diagnostics

We are dedicated to reducing strain on children, families, and healthcare systems through efficient diagnostics and preventative healthcare.

Seluna is collaborating with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde to ensure real world clinical and user requirements are built into the foundation of our product.

We are seeing how automated data analysis for diagnosis can be done safely and accurately. Where this is shown to be the case, clinician’ time is freed up to do the jobs that require their expertise, and this takes pressure off busy departments firefighting wait lists.

Dr Ruth Hamilton

Senior Consultant Clinical Scientist, Royal Hospital for Children

I am very excited to be working with Scott Black and Seluna on this project. Children’s disordered breathing during sleep is one of the most common problems I see, but at the moment, it is very difficult to know if we are always operating the right children.

Dr Haytham Kubba

Senior Consultant Paediatric Otolaryngologist, Royal Hospital for Children

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