Secured NHS GG&C Collaboration

NHS GG&C partnership spearheaded by Dr. Ruth Hamilton and Dr. Haytham Kubba to revolutionise product development and clinical trials.

We would like to announce our collaboration with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (GG&C), a partnership that marks a significant milestone in our journey towards innovation and excellence. In December 2023, we proudly secured this collaboration, which opened up a world of opportunities for both our company and the healthcare community we serve.

Working closely with esteemed departments within NHS GG&C, including Paediatric Respiratory and Sleep Physiology, Department of Clinical Physics & Bioengineering, Department of Otolaryngology, and the Medical Devices Unit at Yorkhill, as well as the NHS GG&C West of Scotland Innovation Hub, we are poised to make substantial strides in healthcare technology.

At the centre of this collaboration are two distinguished lead clinicians: Dr. Ruth Hamilton, Consultant Clinical Scientist at the Royal Hospital for Children and Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Glasgow, and Dr. Haytham Kubba, Consultant Paediatric Otolaryngologist at the Royal Hospital for Children, and Subdean for Child Health, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Glasgow. Their expertise, coupled with their commitment to innovation and patient care, will be instrumental in driving our collaborative efforts forward.

Through this partnership, we aim to facilitate further product development, integrate customer requirements into our solutions, and conduct clinical trials that will validate the efficacy and impact of our innovations. By harnessing the collective expertise and resources of both our team and NHS GG&C, we are confident that we will deliver cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and, most importantly, improve patient outcomes.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey with NHS GG&C, paving the way for ground-breaking advancements in healthcare technology and patient care.

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